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Tracer Gas Leak Location

Tracer gas leak detection

Plumbing Utah Heating & Air is proud to be one of the few companies in Utah to offer tracer gas leak location services. For those not familiar with this type of service, tracer gases are used as a noninvasive solution to pinpoint an underground leak. Our contractors are pleased to offer this service to residents of Utah, including residential, commercial, industrial facilities and municipalities.

Benefits of tracer gas

Depending on your situation, the leak detection and repair contractor may determine that using tracer gas is the best solution for you. There are many benefits of using tracer gas to locate an underground leak. The most common benefits include:

  • This is a safe, non-toxic location that can be used in commercial and industrial facilities. The most common gases that are used are non-flammable, non-destructive and safe for the environment.
  • This method decreases the amount of excavation that is needed to repair the leak. Due to our ability to find the exact location of the leak, it is not necessary to dig large areas of concrete or pavement in order to access the damaged areas of the piping system.
  • Tracer gas permeates through even the hardest surfaces including but not limited to asphalt, concrete, rocks, tile, etc.

Salt Lake City leak location company.

When it comes to finding and repairing leaks, our contractors and technicians are some of the best in the entire state of Utah. With our top of the line equipment, we are able to locate all water, gas, sewage and air leaks that emerge from damaged pipes. Plumbing Utah Heating & Air is quickly becoming a top leak location company that commercial and industrial businesses can depend on when dealing with time-sensitive and even dangerous leaks. As a local leak location company in Salt Lake City, we have been able to save our customers thousands of dollars by avoiding further damage due to leaks.

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