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Swimming Pools & Hot Tub Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Utah Leak Locate is proud to be one of the only companies in the state to offer tracer gas leak location services. For those who have never heard of this service, tracer gases are used as a noninvasive solution to pinpoint an underground leak. Our contractors are happy to offer this service to everyone in Utah, including residential, commercial, industrial facilities and municipalities.

Where do pools leak?

There are typically four main areas where water leaks can happen in your concrete or fiberglass pools.

Structural Leaks

These are small cracks that can happen in the side of the fool of the swimming pool itself.  Like most structural damage, the cracks and abrasions start out as small and just cosmetic.  These cracks then erode over time, becoming larger problems in the future.  Even cracks that are not visible to the naked eye can let large amounts of water seep into the surrounding areas.

Plumbing Issues

There are many pipes that are part of your swimming pool system.  These picks can bend and break due to corrosion or earth movements, putting pressure on the pipes.  We use state-of-the-art leak tracing technologies to find leaks that are underground or behind concrete walls.  This means that we can detect and repair leaking pipes that are part of your main drainage, return system, skimmer pipe or equalizer lines.


Repair swimming pool leaks

Our contractors and technicians are some of the best in the entire state to find and repair leaks. We use top-of-the-line equipment to locate all water, gas, sewage, and air leaks that arise from damaged pipes. Utah Leak Locate is quickly becoming a go-to source for commercial and industrial businesses that are dealing with time-sensitive and even dangerous leaks. As a local company, we have been able to save our customers thousands of dollars by avoiding further damage due to the leak.

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