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Slab Leak Detection

Utah slab leak detection.

The truth is that whenever water is leaking in your home it is an issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible. Underground slab leaks stand above almost all others as something that needs to be stopped right away. This problem refers to any time water or sewer pipes are leaking under the concrete foundation of your home or business. Slab leaks can also occur under the sidewalks around your property, asphalt in the front of your home, or below your front porch or back patio. These water leaks are not typically caused by actual cracks in the concrete or asphalt, but the pipes either below or encased in the actual material.

Slab leak detection and repair.

The pipes found under these slabs experience wear and tear just like any other pipe. These failures are due to corrosion, tremors, plant growth or even improperly installed piping or materials. Our experienced team is here to properly locate and repair these leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the largest factors that set Utah Leak Locate apart from other companies is how we train our technicians. We made the proper equipment investments and use the latest and greatest technology to pinpoint your leak. This is important because it allows the leak to be repaired at a reduced cost, and more importantly with as little disruption to your property as possible.

Options you have for repairs.

Depending on the location and severity of the leak you have a couple of options to speak with a technician about. Replacing the pipe – This can range from a whole re-pipe job to putting in a new section of pipe and rerouting the water to run through the new pipe for a short section. Our experts will be able to inform you on the condition of your pipe and suggest the best solution for you. Trenchless repair options – If the crack is small and in a newer pipe you may have the option to reline the pipe to stop the leak. Trenchless repair options are a desirable option especially if your leak is under your property foundation or beautifully landscaped area. Contact Utah Leak Locate to learn more and schedule an inspection today.

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