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Sewer Main Leak Detection

Utah sewer main leak detection.

As a home or business owner, it is in your best interest to make sure any issues with your sewer are addressed and fixed before your plumbing system completely fails. Before we address the signs that your sewer main line could fail we would like to talk about what causes issues with your sewer main system.

  1. The age of your pipes. In general, if your sewer main pipes are older than 25 years then they are suspect to start failing at any time. This is largely due to the materials that were used in previous generations. Cast iron, in particular, can corrode and break as wear and tear happen as your piping system begins to age.
  2. The content buildup of your soil. The type of soil your home or business is built upon has a lot to do with how long your pipes will last. Soil that has high chloride contents tend to break down your sewer main by corroding it from the outside. In general sandy soil tends to do the least amount of corrosion on your piping system while clay soil will do the most corroding.
  3. Tree and bush roots causing your system to collapse. Underground pipes like your sewer system actually contain and produce nutrients that tree and bush roots naturally want to gravitate towards. If you have large trees around your home or business these roots can and usually will lead to your sewer main collapsing or at the very least leaking as roots burst through weak pipe walls.

Signs that your sewer main line has been compromised.

  • Your toilet or sinks tend to clog and have blockage issues. The beginning signs of a damaged sewer line will usually show themselves in the largest drains at the lowest points. This means that if you suspect your sewer line might be backed up, start by taking a look at how the toilets and sinks drain in your basement. If frequent backups occur then there is a good chance your sewer main is clogged or damaged.
  • Mold or patches of extra-green grass. This is where you may want to get a leak detection specialist involved. You may not be able to find leaks within your sewer main, but you can probably find signs that these leaks are occurring. If the leak is happening closer to your home then you can most likely see mold or even smell foul sewer smells. If the leak is happening outside and underground you might find patches of grass that are growing faster and greener than all other sections of your lawn.
  • Foundation cracks, collapsing, or sinkholes in your yard. In extreme circumstances, sewer main leaks can cause cracking in your foundation, collapsing in your yard or even sinkholes. This is what is known as an emergency situation and should be addressed immediately. The longer this problem occurs the larger the damage is going to be. If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms do not hesitate to call your local Salt Lake City sewer main leak detection company at (801) 613-0969. We are here 24 hours a day to locate and repair sewer main collapses, leaks and failures.
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