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Natural Gas Leak Detection

Utah Natural Gas Leak Detection

Finding and repairing leaks

We are proud to be one of, if not the only leak detection company in Utah specializing in finding natural gas leaks. The truth of the matter when it comes to locating a leak is, you are only as good as your equipment. That is why owner Brandon Taylor is constantly researching new ways to improve leak location services for our customers. One of our newest editions allows our technicians to locate your leak using infrared sensors. By using a simple light beam our equipment can pinpoint a concentration of methane, thus locating the natural gas leak. At Utah Leak Locate no job is too large or too small for our team.

Leak detection company services

Our technicians have yet to be stumped when it comes to locating a leak. We have been called in when all hope is lost on countless occasions. Recently we were called in to locate and repair a natural gas leak out of state. When our contractors arrived on scene it was explained to us that several other local companies had already been called out to no avail. This particular client was a complete industrial park with thousands of feet of underground natural gas lines. They were delighted to find out that we were able to pinpoint the leak and repair the issue right away.



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