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Leak Repair Company

As a local leak detection and repair company, we are proud to serve all residential, commercial, and industrial businesses alike. Our team is happy to offer fast and dependable leak repair services to fix broken pipes resulting in a water leak, sewage leak, as well as air or gas. We serve the entire Wasatch Front 24 hours a day.
Water main leak location

Our team can pinpoint and repair a leak in your water main. We are here to provide safe, effective and cost-efficient solutions to fix your broken, collapsed, or cracked water main pipe.

Slab leak detection

We locate and repair all slab leaks that are around your home or business. This includes concrete and asphalt slabs that make up the foundation, sidewalks, driveways, front porch, back patio and even the road in front of your house.

Commercial leak detection

We are proud to be the preferred leak detection specialists for many local and national companies. Our top of the line equipment and excellent customer service is what makes us stand out in the local community.

Gas leak detection

A gas leak is not something that should be taken lightly. We consider every gas leak to be an emergency situation and you should too. If you know or even suspect that you have a gas leak in or around your home it is vital that you act quickly and call the proper authorities.

Ground water removal

Not all leaks happen because of a burst pipe. Groundwater leaks usually happen in the basement or lowest point of a home and are the result of water collecting around the foundation of a home. If your home or business is on a hill or slope it is even more susceptible to having water collect and leak into the structure.

Plumbing Leak Detection

As a home or business owner, you understand what goes into maintaining your home or business. We highly recommend you stay on top of your plumbing to help ensure that your pipes stay leak free. Often times leaks are not thought about until they have already begun. There are a few things that you can pay extra attention to as they are usually tale-tell signs of a water leak.

Underground Leak Location

Underground water leaks can be very problematic for your home or business.  Usually the sign of these leaks with show themselves outside on your property.  If you see a steady stream of water running, small puddles even though it didn’t rain or the sprinklers were not running there is a good chance you have a leak.

Sewer Main Leak Detection

As a home or business owner, it is in your best interest to make sure any issues with your sewer are addressed and fixed before your plumbing system completely fails. Before we address the signs that your sewer main line could fail we would like to talk about what causes issues with your sewer main system.

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