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Willow Creek County Club

Hot tub leak detection

Over the past couple of months, our contractors have found that there is a real need for hot tub leak location services.  This time we were called out to Willow Creek Country Club to help them find the source of an underground water leak.  We were told by both management and maintenace that we were not the first company to come out and find the leak.  They were not expecting much since the other companies that came before were not able to locate the water leak.  Needless to say, we were met with nothing but smiles and relief when we were able to find the source with 30 minutes.

There are two reasons we are able to have success with even the faintest leak.  The first reason is that we have some of the best leak location technicians in the state.  Whenever we dispatch to a new call we always have a lead contractor on the field that has found and repaired hundreds of water, sewer, air and gas leaks for residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial markets.  The second reason is that we have invested in the best tools and equipment money can buy.  Rather than relying on just auditory listening equipment, we have some the best tracer gas leak location tools in the state.

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