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Radisson Hotel SLC Airport

Hotel pool leak location

The underground pipes that are part of a swimming pool or hot tub are susceptible to cracking and breaking.  When this happens it can create an underground water leak that needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.  When dealing with a leak around a pool or hot tub you want to be able to pinpoint the source of the leak.  Typically customers will have nice marble or decorated concrete around their facilities.  Needless to say, you would want to keep excavation as minimal as possible so you are not having to replace large amounts of nice cover, concrete or asphalt.

This is where Utah Leak Locate is a life-saver.  We were informed by management at The Radisson that we were not the first leak detection company called to locate the leak.  The companies before us were not able to pinpoint the leak and were using equipment that is not fine-tuned enough to locate the exact source.  We are the only company with location technology that goes beyond just auditory detection.  If you are dealing with a leak of any kind and want it fixed once and for all, give us a call.


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