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Our contractors are always ready to serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Most of the time we are ready for same day dispatch. Call today to schedule a leak detection expert.  We serve all of 84057, 84058, 84059, 84097, and all other zip codes in Orem.

Leak Location in Orem

Utah Leak Locate is proud to be one of the only leak location and detection companies in the state. We are here to serve all residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities. Our contractors are able to pinpoint even the faintest water, sewer, air or gas leak. We are experts in our field and use the latest and greatest technology to find the source of your leak the first time around.

One Hole Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to find the source of your underground leak we have created a “one hole guarantee.” This means that once we have found the crack or damaged area of the pipe, we will dig down so that repairs can be made. If for any reason the leak is not where we say it is, you do not pay a dime for our services. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our leak location specialists.


Water leak detection:

  • Concrete slabs: Our technicians are able to use the latest technology to pinpoint leaks that are far underground. This includes sidewalks and even the foundation of your home or business.
  • Aspahlt: If you have pipes running under your driveway, parking lot or anywhere with asphalt we can find the exact source of the leak. Saving money from damages and excavation.
  • Broken pipe locating: Our master leak finders are able to determine where a pipe has been damaged. This is true regardless of what caused the pipe damage, from roots, earthquakes or frozen pipes.

Air, gas and sewer leak locate:

  • Gas leaks: We take all leaks seriously, especially gas leaks. Our contractors work fast to ensure that any gas leak has been located and fixed as quickly as possible. We find all gas leaks from outdoor barbeques to medical facilities and dentist offices.
  • Sewage leaks: These are never a fun issue. Whether you are dealing with a broken sewer line, main pipe or somewhere indoor issue, we are here to help.
    Promptly fixing a damaged sewer line prevents further damage and also keeps your business sanitary for customers.

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