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When it comes to water, sewage, air, and gas leak detection you are only as good as your equipment. Owner Brandon Taylor has taken his experience from running a successful local plumbing company and applied that knowledge to leak detection. We use cutting-edge tools and machines to accurately locate and repair leaks no matter how faint or undetectable. Along with our top-of-the-line equipment, we have the best leak location and repair technicians in the valley. Our team has found the source of leaks for residential, commercial, and industrial customers when others could not. Accurately finding the source of a leak helps people save thousands of dollars on a costly excavation.  Use who the pros use, call today for leak detection and repair.


What sets us apart?

We put a huge amount of pride into what we do. Each and every one of our technicians understands that any leak has the potential to be disastrous. Our dispatch team makes it a priority to get our detection specialists out to your location as quickly as possible. In an effort to serve all residential, commercial, and industrial customers, we are happy to offer a 24-hour emergency response to anyone who calls our office line at (801) 613-0969. If you are experiencing the symptoms of either a gas leak or water leak do not hesitate to contact Utah Leak Locate immediately. If you are dealing with an issue that does not require immediate attention and would like to learn more about our company or leak detection, in general, we invite you to fill out the contact form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly. 

As a local company, we enjoy serving a wide range of customers.  Including other plumbing contractors, municipalities, hotels, schools, ski lodges, churches and even historical sites.  If you have a leak we are the right company for you.

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