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Familiar Sources of Home Water Leaks


Almost all components of your home will experience wear and tear over time. Even the best contractors cannot build something that will last forever. As your home or business ages, so do the fixtures, fittings, pipes, and utilities. A great way to stay one step ahead of a pesky water leak is to see the warning signs before the issue worsens. Below are some of the most common sources of water leaks and how to detect the problem.  

Washing Machines

Regarding water consumption, the laundry room is second only behind the bathroom. This means that paying attention is a good idea if you notice water collecting outside the washing machine.      

Clogged Water Pipes

A water pipe clog can lead to water and sewage leaks. Your main culprits are usually going to be your kitchen drain sink. Many kitchen sink drains become clogged when grease or other debris builds up. Toilet pipes can also become blocked when too much toilet paper is used, or something is flushed down the lines that cannot fit down the pipe. 

Corrosion, Joints, and Fittings 

Older homes commonly used galvanized steel or cast iron for water pipes. These materials have a much shorter lifespan than PEX or even PVC piping which is widely used today. Rust, calcium buildup and deterioration will cause these pipes to crack and leak. Often, these leaks will happen behind walls, under flooring, and even beneath concrete slabs. If you suspect a water leak has occurred, contact a leak detection specialist as soon as possible.  

Loose Connections or Excessive Water Pressure 

We all like a nice shower with good water pressure. However, when your water pressure is too high, it can cause undue stress on your pipes and faucets. Plumbers or manufacturer instructions should let you know what your pressure settings should be set to. Loose connections are prone to water leaking, especially if your water pressure has been set too high.  

Extreme Temperature Changes 

Utah is known for how quickly and drastically our temperatures can change.  Pipes expand when they heat up and contract when they get too cold. Sudden changes can cause your pipes to crack and break, especially when quickly plummet to freezing temperatures.  

Fight Against Water Leaks

Homeowners today have way more tools at their disposal to fight against leaks and the damage they can cause to our homes. If you suspect that you have a water leak, we invite you to contact us today. Our skilled technicians can pinpoint the source of the leak and provide a comprehensive list of solutions. We can also install automatic leak detection sensors that automatically shut off your water until the problem can be fixed.   

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