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Benefits of leak location in commercial businesses

Managers and owners of commercial, industrial and municipal facilities have many responsibilities.  A large part of staying on top of these establishments means ensuring that your plumbing, gas, and sewer lines are free from leaks.  This is no easy task for places with apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels or any building where there can be hundreds of sinks, toilets, showers, and utilities.  The good news is that owners and managers in or around Salt Lake City, UT are not alone.  Utah Leak Locate is here to not only detect and repair leaks but use modern technology to prevent and notify of leaks the moment they happen.  In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into commercial leak detection and why it is so important to address water, sewer and gas leaks the moment they happen.

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Understanding commercial leaks and the damage they cause

Even the best maintenance team cannot be everywhere at once.  What’s more concerning is that many leaks are hidden from plain sight.  They are located underground, behind walls and underneath utilities.  Even a small trickle of water can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the property in which they are located.  In doing online research for this article our experts found a case study about a faulty boiler gasket on a top-level condominium with 87 different residents.  This small leak went unnoticed and resulted in a $600,000 insurance claim because of the water damage found at the property.  Although this is an extreme example of what water leaks can do, it is not unheard of for commercial properties to suffer large damage from a malfunctioning utility such as a boiler or water heater.


It is important to understand that leaks do not just affect the overall integrity of your property.  Owners and managers can help save money and manage their reputation in the following ways:

  1. Limit unexpected costs: This includes repairs and substantial cleanup costs. Older buildings may be out of code which puts the business at risk of non-compliance or insurance refusals should an
  2. Keep utility costs low: Even a small leak can waste hundreds to thousands of gallons of water.  By ensuring your pipes and utilities are leak-free, you can save a significant amount of money every month.
  3. Keep good tenants happy: Your facility can enjoy better ratings by ensuring that everything is working properly.  Certain leaks, such as a gas leak can pose a great risk to general health and it is up to owners to keep everyone safe.

If you suspect that a leak is occurring but are not sure, contact Utah Leak Locate today.  We use the best equipment possible to pinpoint the source of leaks so that you know where the problem is.  We find leaks in water main lines, sewer lines, utilities, swimming pools, hot tubs and more.  Call us today at (801) 613-0969 to speak with an expert and schedule an appointment.

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