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Is Your Property in Need of Underground Leak Detection

Ensuring that your home or business is free from underground water or sewer leaks is an important step.  Apart from a large fire, undetected leaks are one of the largest causes of damage to property or its foundation.  Now is the perfect time to perform an inspection.  As we all know, Salt Lake City can have harsh winters.  These freezing temperatures can make pinhole-sized leaks in pipes burst causing flooding and a much larger repair.  In this article, we are going to cover what to look for to help determine if you need a leak locate company in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Understanding Underground Leak Detection

Underground leaks can be a somewhat complicated and messy problem to fix.  For home or business owners the main obstacle is that most of the warning signs and damage are underground.  As opposed to a leak under your kitchen sink, the signs of a leak underneath a concrete slab are harder to see.  By knowing the most common warning signs you can help to avoid a prolonged leak.

Water or sewer leak warning signs

Call the best leak detection company in your area if you see one or more of the following issues.

  1. A small or large drop in your water pressure. Perhaps you have noticed that your shower is not providing the same powerful stream that is used to.
  2. Areas of your lawn that are either brown and dying or the reverse where one area is more lush and green than other areas even though you had consistent sprinkler coverage.
  3. A sudden and unexplainable increase in your water utility bill.
  4. Cracked pavement, concrete or asphalt. You may also notice sinkholes or potholes that have developed in your yard, driveway or sidewalk.  You may also notice cracks forming in the foundation of your home or business.
  5. Unpleasant odors. This can arise from the smell of sewage or water that has been able to collect and sit for a while in unvisited areas.
  6. Listen for the leaks. Even though the leak may be out of sight, you can still sometimes hear the problem.  In many cases, you can hear the sound of running water, or perhaps a high-pitched hissing as water is being pushed out of a small hole.

What can be done to fix the issue?

If you have noticed these issues, you have already achieved the first step.  The second and perhaps more important step is the call a professional leak location and repair company.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City consider calling Utah Leak Locate at (801) 613-0969 to speak with a professional and schedule an appointment.  We are here to help regardless of the size of your property.  Our techs have helped pinpoint leaks in apartment complexes, restaurants, commercial facilities, and even large industrial facilities.  Depending on the location and extent of your leak we may be able to provide trenchless leak repair options.

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