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How can water or sewer leak detection save me money?

An unnoticed water or sewer leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home of business.  Even a pinhole-sized leak under a bathroom cabinet, behind walls, under floorboards, in an irrigation system, under a concrete slab, or under a pool or hot tub deck can be disastrous.  When it comes to saving money with leak detection, the real save has to do with preventing damage.  What’s worse is your insurance may not cover the damage to your property.  This denial of coverage is even more common if you have not had a professional leak locate service performed in recent years.  But not to fear, modern leak location equipment provides a detailed analysis of your system.  This allows you to pinpoint any leaks and understand what is working and what maybe soon to fail if not addressed quickly.

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Thorough leak detection can save you money in the long run by helping to avoid preventable water, sewer, air or gas leaks.  Having a professional inspect your property for leaks should be a routine call for home and business owners alike.  This is especially true if you suspect that a leak might be happening.  The common warning signs include any of the following items:

  1. Your water bill is unusually high. As time goes on and you have been through several seasons you should have a good understanding of your typical water use.  As you look over your utility bills take care to notice if they are unjustifiably high.
  2. You have moved into a new property. Technically this isn’t a warning sign of a leak alone.  That being said any new property purchase is a large investment and you will want to make sure your investment is protected.  Leak detection and inspection will help to ensure that you don’t have any worries of old pipes, water heaters, sprinklers or other leaks.  Many homes in or around Salt Lake City can be over 100 years old.  Older plumbing systems are prone to leaks due to wear and tear, or by using the now outdated galvanized steel.
  3. Underground leaks have begun to show their ugly head. Outdoor leaks are just as concerning (if not more so) than indoor water leaks.  Because we generally spend more time indoors than outdoors, underground leaks can go longer without detection.  Common warning signs include dips in the ground or patches where the grass has grown longer and greener than other areas of the lawn.

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As this article shows, the real way leak detection can save you money is by avoiding damage.  Money isn’t everything however and leaks can also be dangerous.  Water leaks can lead to dangerous bacteria growing in your home.  Gas leaks can be poisonous or extremely flammable.  Sewer leaks can lead to hazardous and unsanitary materials getting into your home.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City, Utah call Utah Leak Locate at (801) 613-0969 today to speak with a technician and schedule a service call to your property.

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