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3 Types of Leaks and How to Prevent them During Winter

Utah weather is known to be all over the place, in southern Utah it may be 80 degrees and the higher elevation you go and the more north you go the colder and higher risk of rain and snow are. In the winter months, our home systems can malfunction for various reasons. Sometimes extreme changes in temperature can cause water leaks, which will lead to property damage. Here are three types of leaks that can happen during winter and what you can do to prevent them.

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Basement leaks. Accumulated snow that melts and causes run-off can run towards your drain tile and cause leaks into your basement. Using systems like downspouts and covered window wells can help direct rainfall away from your home can help. Make sure that they are installed correctly so that the runoff is going away from your drain tile or window well and not running the water right back towards your basement. If you are on an incline, you may need to have a professional come and look at your property to make sure it is graded properly. Foundation cracks are another frequent problem for homeowners, which may cause leaks in your basement.

Roof Leaks. Finding the source of a roof leak can be one of the most difficult aspects of owning a home. Often, a roof leak is not easy to identify, and things like snow, ice buildup, and rainy weather make it hard during winter months to find the problem on your roof. When you have a roof leak, timing is often very important, and calling a professional, especially during tricky weather conditions, is the best way to let it deal with properly.

Plumbing Leaks. The weather during the winter months can cause blocked drain tile, which is best to be repaired during the spring. Make sure to check your drain tile and see that it isn’t blocked before it potentially is covered in snow. Spend some time inspecting all faucets and pipes. Make sure to look behind things inside your home like sinks and toilets, to make sure there is no moisture or dripping. You can easily see if there is corrosion around pipes or any rust that may cause problems later.

Being aware of all the areas that could potentially become a problem later, especially with weather changes in the winter, will help to prevent possible leaks. If you suspect a water leak, either via plumbing, your roof or basement, the experts at Utah Leak Locate can be there quickly to help you deal with the problem.

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