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Reasons why you should install a French drain system

The majority of all homeowners have drainage issues on their property and they don’t know how to solve their problem. Fret no more though, French drains are a straightforward and effective drainage system that can help get rid of excess water. A French drain pipe is placed underground to collect rainwater and transport it to other lower areas where the rain water will do no damage. The pipe is perforated, which allows ground water into the pipes. The pipe is placed to be angled downward to keep water rolling down the pipe. The pipe is also surrounded in gravel to prevent dirt from entering and potentially blocking the perforations in the pipe which allows for a smoother flow of water.

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Benefits of a French drain system


1. Removes Excess Water
The most significant advantage of a French drain system is the ability to remove excess moister and prevent your property from potential floods. These pipes allow water to be redirected from a higher spot, in this case, your home or garage, to a lower area. As a result, you will not deal with cumbersome cleanups or damage to your foundation.

2. Installation Ease
A French drain ensures that water flows in the direction you want. In addition, it is not an expensive and tedious installation process. It normally doesn’t ruin your yard when installing. The only thing that is important is to have a professional’s opinion to make sure you are placing the French drain in the most optimal spot.

3. Eco-Friendly
In today’s age, eco-friendly projects are highly sought out for. Going green is a massive movement and adding a French drain system to your home sets you in the right direction. You can also transform your drain to an attractive feature of decorative rocks that follow a pathway towards your house.
4. Property Value
Adding systems like these to your property does increase the value of it. On the other hand, it may be detrimental to the value if the French drain is improperly installed as it can cause a potential disaster to surround properties.

Remember that the most important step is to identify your drainage problem before making alterations to your yard and property. Contact a leak detection specialist that can help you spot where the depressions are in your yard and the most optimal positioning of your French drain would be.

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