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How to Detect Natural Gas Leaks in your Home

Natural gas is a fantastic fuel source, it is cost-effective and extremely useful.  Many homes use natural gas to heat their homes, cook food, and warm up their water before taking a shower.  Despite the use of natural gas, it can leak from pipes for a variety of reasons.  This is a dangerous situation because natural gas is flammable, and breathing enough of it can cause asphyxiation and even death.  Natural gas is both colorless and odorless.  As a safety precaution utility companies will put a harmless chemical additive to the gas to help homeowners detect a leak.  This additive smells like sulfur or rotten eggs.  If you smell this in or around your property you should immediately shutoff the gas and call a gas line leak detection company right away.

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How gas line leaks occur


Along with your sense of smell, you can also use your eyes and ears to detect a gas leak.  There is often a hissing sound associated with a leak as it is being released through a cracked pipe, pin-sized holes or a fitting that has become loose.  Often times you will be able to know that a gas leak is happening, but you will not be able to find the source of the leak.  When this happens it is important to work with a reputable company that has invested in top of the line equipment to pinpoint the leak.

Remember that you can also invest in natural gas leak detectors just like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  You can even find products on the market that can detect and alert to any of these issues from one device.  Gas lines in general do not go through the same levels of wear and tear that water or sewage line will.  This means that if a leak does occur it is usually a result of older, second-hand appliances, poor installation, or a fitting not being properly applied.  These leaks a relatively less common, but perhaps even more worrisome.

Call a local gas leak locate and repair company

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