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Does my water heater have a leak?

As a home or business owner, undiagnosed water leaks are a major concern.  One utility that is susceptible to leaks over time is your hot water heater.  As water heaters age they can get cracks in pipping or around fittings.  This is especially the case if your older water heater has not been flushed in a while.  It is recommended to have your water heater cleaned of all sediment buildup yearly.  Regardless, even a small water leak or a trickle of water can lead to large damage to your drywall and subfloors.  As a leak locate company in Salt Lake City, UT we always recommend inspecting your units on a regular basis.  Sometimes a leaking pipe is easy to see and the source of the water can be easily diagnosed.  In other cases, you can see water collecting, or the signs of damage but cannot find the source.  When this happens it is vital that you call a leak detection company to pinpoint the problem and fix it right away.

How can my water heater break?

We suggest calling a local, licensed and insured plumbing company.  The technician should be able to diagnose the leak and advise you whether the problem is a simple repair, of if you will need to replace the broken water heater altogether.

In general, the leak repair expert will check the drain valve as this is the primary source of most water heater leaks.  This spigot is located at the end of the storage tank and also is responsible for draining pipes the debris from the water heater. If this is the place of the leakage, excellent news, the plumbing contractor should have the ability to replace the drainpipe shutoff for a reasonably inexpensive cost.

Alternatively, if the drain valve is not the source of the issue, you plumber will typically check the container itself. If the leak is originating from the bottom part of the tank, repairs are not as likely to be a solution.  One of the most likely circumstances, in this situation, is that sediment has built up and rusted the bottom of the tank.  This will trigger serious problems the path of least resistance is to install a brand new water heater.

Here are the 4 most common areas where leaks occur on a water heater

  1. The cold and hot water inlet and outlet connections
  2. The water heater drain valve
  3. The temperature and pressure relief valves
  4. The bottom of the water heater

Remember that any water, air, gas or sewage leak should be taken seriously and addressed right away.  In the plumbing and leak repair world, these are considered a top-shelf problem.  Some leaks show their ugly head right away, while others try to hide in secrecy.  If you suspect there is a leak in your homes, business, or industrial facility call Utah Leak Locate at (801) 613-0969 to schedule a leak location expert.

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