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Leaks in Commercial Businesses

The truth of the matter is that commercial water, air, gas and sewage leaks occur in many of the same ways as residential homes.  The difference is that in general, the larger the facility, the more areas there are that leaks can take place.  This is compounded by the fact that business owners may be losing money on a daily basis due to the leak.  Water flooding an office area may make it so that people are not able to come into work.  While many water leaks can result from huge storms and large amounts of rainfall, there are many other factors that can cause water problems.  Many people think of catastrophic situations like a natural disaster when it comes to water damage.  The reality is that even a small leak if gone unnoticed can cause just as much if not more damage than the largest storm.

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Common leaks in commercial buildings

Water leaks pose a significant threat to commercial buildings and property owners.  This is because there is generally far more pipes and people using water on a daily basis.  This also leads to fixtures and utilities getting used on a more frequent basis.  Can you image how many more times a toilet in a popular restaurant gets flushed than in your home?   This is one reason why commercial leak location in Salt Lake City, UT is so important.  The damage that can be done by a constant leak not only can cause property damage, but it can also cause utility bills to soar.  To help avoid these damages it is best to always inspect and maintain your building.  Here are some of the most common places a water leak will take place in a business or industrial facility.

Toilets and urinals

As we said above, toilets and urinals that are available for employees and the general public get a lot of use.  This can cause their parts and fittings to undergo a significant amount of wear and tear.


Leaks behind ceilings and walls

The easiest leaks to locate are the ones that are visible to the naked eye.  Unfortunately, not all water leaks can be easily fixed or even noticed.  That is where Utah Leak Locate really comes into play.  If you can see the signs of a water leak, but cannot find it, we are the contractors for you.  There are literally hundreds of different ways water can find its way into places it should be.  This includes but is not limited to areas such as:

  • Damaged or cracked skylights
  • Improperly installed are broken roofs
  • Pipes that have burst or cracked due to age
  • Gutter that have become clogged from leaves or debris
  • Balcony leaks
  • Basement leaks due to water seepage
  • A leaking drinking fountain
  • Damaged or outdated water utilities such as dishwashers and water heaters

As a local business there are countless things that need your attention.  While keeping on top of your plumbing is extremely important, we understand it can’t always be handled by your maintenance department.  If you believe your building, restaurant, office suite or medical facility is dealing with a hard to detect leak call us today at (801) 613-0969 to speak with the best leak location company in Utah.

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