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How to address a sewage leak in your home

Let’s talk about one of the most dreaded leaks that can happen in your home or business, a sewer leak.  Not only is this by far the most disgusting leak that can happen, but they can also be harmful to the health of your family.  Sewage produces a large number of gases.  This includes carbon dioxide, methane, chlorine, nitrous oxide, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide.  Exposure to these gases can trigger people as well as animals in your home to suffer from a lack of oxygen, which can result in disorientation. The most common gas dangers from sewer leakages are hydrogen sulfide as well as methane. Hydrogen sulfide is hazardous and can create health issues such as headaches and also even death in high doses.

Additional health concerns range from dangerous pathogens, bacteria and even chemicals that can be found in the septic system.

Signs that you have a sewer main line leak

All of the drains in your home exit through one main line into the city’s sewer system.  This important pipe works on a daily basis to remove waste and harmful materials from our homes and places of work.  Despite the important of this piping system, there is not alarm or warning signal that lets you know about underground leaks.  So, how do you know that a leak may be occurring?

You will usually smell unpleasant odors.  When a water or sewer leak goes unnoticed it can cause rot and mold behind walls and underneath flooring.  This situation is an ideal habitat for bacteria to grow and thrive.  Unusual damp smells are a good warning sign that there has been an interior leak within your plumbing system.  You may also smell foul odors in your yard out around your property line.  This is a sign that an exterior leak has occurred as sewage begins to make its way into your yard and lawn.

Look for and inspect cracks in your home.  We all know that water erodes everything it comes in contact with over time.  A clear signal that you may be dealing with a water or sewer leak is that cracks are beginning to occur.  It is highly recommend that you call a sewer leak detection company in Salt Lake City as quickly as possible.  Doing so will help you to avoid larger damage as the running liquid may begin to ruin the foundation of your home.

Dealing with an active sewer leak is not a pleasant experience.  If you live in Utah let the experts at Utah Leak Locate handle and repair your plumbing problem.  Call us today at (801) 613-0969 or contact us online to schedule a dispatch appointment.

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