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How To Detect A Natural Gas Leak

Natural gas is a very important necessity in our lives today. We use it to heat our homes and cook our food, and life without it would be very different. We started using natural gas in 1816 to light up the streets of Baltimore, MD and by 1900 it was being used in 17 other states. Soon after that natural gas piping was laid across the United States to supply it to our homes and businesses.

But as we take advantage of this wonderful resource, we also have to respect it. Natural gas can sometimes be very dangerous and deadly if not used correctly. This is why we decided to talk a little more about how to detect a gas leak and why it is important to know the signs.

Natural Gas

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a highly flammable gas that mainly contains methane. It comes from microscopic plants and animals that lived in an ancient marine environment millions of years ago.

Because it’s highly combustible, it contains a huge amount of energy that is used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

When burned correctly is a very clean source of energy and a little can go a long way.

Common Places To Find Leaks

Natural gas is supplied to our homes using large gas pipelines that come from under the street connecting to our homes. Smaller gas lines, then carry the gas to different parts of the home supply gas to our water heater, furnaces, and stoves.

Most leaks are likely to come from one of those three places. Because natural gas has no odor, it is almost impossible to smell. This is why gas companies put what’s called “mercaptan” which smells like rotten eggs or sulfur to help you identify a leak.

Sometimes leaks can be very small and you may or may not be able to smell that rotten egg smell.  If you suspect a strong smell of gas, you should evacuate your home immediately and call 911 along with your gas company.

Signs Of A Leak

Because small leaks can be hard to locate there are some physical signs as well that should be cause for concern.

  • SOUND – A lot of times the leak can come from where the gas line connects to the water heater, stove, or furnace. A hissing or whistling sound will usually indicate that.
  • SEE – Damaged lines is a sure indication of a gas leak. Like kinks and bends or even striped fittings. House plants can sometimes be a good indicator of a small gas leak. Leaves on plants can start to droop and go from looking healthy to looking dead due to a natural gas leak.
  • SMELL – Rotten Eggs or Sulfur smell is a sure sign there is a leak coming from somewhere.
  • FEEL – Your body can tell you if there is some kind of leak in your home. Like Headache, dizziness, nausea, eye irritation, feeling tired, and breathing problems.

If any of these signs are detected leaving the house and calling 911 is the first thing you should do.


Who Finds Natural Gas leaks?

All gas leaks need to be located and fixed. Some natural gas leaks will require a leak detection specialists because not all leaks occur in the home or business sometimes hidden leaks can be found underground.

This is when a leak detection service would be required. Leak detection specialist alongside with your local gas company will use sophisticated equipment to locate natural gas leaks underground and in your home.

Once the underground leak is located the gas company will dig up and repair the leaking gas line. Natural gas safety is priority number one for your local gas company, and they will make sure that the line is repaired correctly.

Remember if you suspect a natural gas leak please remove yourself from your home or business and call 911.

Let your local fire department make sure there is a leak and when it is safe to return back to your home.

Here at Utah Leak Locate, we are able to not only help locate your natural gas leak but we can also help locate other leaks as well.

  • Plumbing leak detection
  • Sewer leak detection
  • Swimming pool and hot tube leak detection
  • Tracer Gas
  • Water Main leak detection.

At Utah Leak Locate we guarantee we will be able to locate your leak, or you pay nothing. If you have any question please feel free to give us a call at (801) 613-0969 or visit us at utahleaklocate.com

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