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Leak Detection Specialist

What is a Leak Detection Specialist?

When would you ever need one? Hopefully, you will never have to call one but if you own a home or a business there is a good chance you may need one of these guys on speed dial.

Leak detection specialist can locate a leak in the ground that would be otherwise impossible to find on your own. They use sophisticated equipment to locate leaks in concrete, walls, and underground.

There is a long list of things a leak detection specialist can detect and here are some of the more popular ones:


Plumbing Leak

Most home and business fresh water come from a main source or line that usually runs under the street. A pipe then runs from the main line and takes it into the home or business. This is one place plumbing leaks can happen but they also can happen in the walls and floors of your home and business.

Over time these pipes get old and start to corrode and sometimes spring leaks. Other factors too can cause leaks of broken pipes. Tremors or small earthquakes can cause leaks and breaks. Tree roots and other plants roots can cause these leaks to happen as well. Some leaks can go unnoticed and lead to bigger problems like sinkhole, erosion, mold, and mildew.

Sewage Leak

Sewer Main Leak

A similar problem to the plumbing leaks is your sewer lines. Your sewer lines are also set up similar to your fresh water lines except it is taking waste from the home or business to a main line under the road. These pipes also get corroded and begin to wear out. Causing huge problems if leaks are not detected.

Natural Gas Leaks

Can be very dangerous, and you should take this one very serious. Natural gas is very combustible and also contains a gas called H2S which is very poisonous, corrosive, and flammable.

These lines run underground and up to a home or business and sometimes can be very hard to locate. Leak detection specialist is able to find and locate a natural gas leak using infrared sensors.

Natural Gas Leak

Pool Leaks

Leaks in pools can sometimes be hard to find. Most pool systems are covered by concrete and of course water. Making leaks very difficult to locate and find.

Leak detection specialist has the ability to locate leaks without having to tear up piping or drain pools. This can make finding leaks less expensive because you don’t have to tear your pool apart to find it.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak is very important to locate and fast. It is usually caused by water or sewage pipes leaking under the foundation of a home or business.

Other common spots are sidewalks and asphalt due to corrosion, movement in the ground, and plant roots. Again this type of leak would require a leak detection specialist because most of these leaks are under the ground or concrete.

These are just a few of the most common leaks a leak detection specialist would be able to find but they can also find other types of leaks and common utility’s underground:

• Ground Water Removal
• Water Main Location
• Carbon Monoxide Leaks
• Tracer Gas
• Underground drains and utilities

The next time you think your home or business might have some type of leak don’t wait to get it fixed or even worst wait for something major to happen. Just remember that a leak detection specialist is your best go to, to find the leak fast before anything major shows up.

Leaks that go for long periods of time can end up costing the home and business owner a lot more money in the long run. Finding the leak fast is your best option to save you time and money.

If you are looking for a leak detection specialist, we have you covered. Here at Utah Leak Locate we service not only Utah but the surrounding states too. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need a leak located.

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