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Water, Sewer, Air and Gas Leaks Winter Can Bring

Winter is right around the corner and it is only a matter of weeks before we are all walking through snow.  Depending on your personal preference the reality that winter is almost here either brings a smile or a frown to your face.  Regardless of how you may feel about it, one thing is for certain, winter causes leaks.  It is hard on your plumbing and piping systems whenever seasons change and temperatures fluctuate in extremes.  Freezing, expanding and contracting and even corrosion from ice or snowmelt take a toll each and every winter.

Locate leaks during the cold season

The best thing we can do as responsible home and business owners is to stay on top of leaks before they occur.  It all begins by knowing where to look, some places are obvious while others may not ever come to mind.  Below are some of the most common places where leaks can occur during the winter season.

In the basement:  The bottom level of your home or business is always going to be one of the largest culprits when it comes to indoor water leaks during the winter.  The reasons we tend to see water collecting in basements makes enough sense.  Being a low point it is a natural area for snowmelt to gather.  Our technicians commonly see the water getting in from outside due to cracks in the walls or foundation of the home.  Your drainage system also comes into play as it is important for water to leave your properties foundation in an effective manner.  This is especially true if your home or business is at the bottom of a hill or if your eaves, troughs, French drains or downspouts were not professionally installed.

Pipe damage due to extreme weather:  Utah is known for its harsh winters.  In order to survive our piping systems need to be properly fortified and insulated.  Normal wear and tear can also result in burst pipes, water mains, and sewer lines that are underground or beneath concrete slabs.  The most common type of leak in pipes are only the size of a pinhole.  However, these can grow and expand during the winter.  It is important to have a cracked pipe leak detection company to investigate your home or business should you suspect a damaged pipe.

Your utilities are not working properly:  One final reminder we want to provide in this article is to do a quick inspection of your water utilities as it beings to get cold.  Issues show themselves differently in the winter than they do in the summer.  Keep a sharp eye out for bends, cracks, leaks, water collection and anything unusual.  If your home or business has a sump pump make sure that it is working correctly.  If pumps or drains are not properly removing water it can collect, freeze, expand and cause damage to your property.  It is also sound advice to take a look at your hot water heater.  We recommend during a flush on your water heater before winter is in full swing in order to remove sediment that has built up.


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