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Indoor Signs of an Outdoor Leak

Utah Leak Locate is an underground leak detection company serving all residents, businesses, commercial, industrial, and local municipalities.  When it comes to water and sewage leaks it is important to locate these leaks as quickly as possible.  Many of our customers find out that damage to their property could have been lessened, had the leak been detected and repaired earlier.  One type of leak that can lead to large damage is outdoor leaks.  We want to help you be prepared to know when an outdoor leak is happening by looking inside and outside your home or business.

Things you can look for to find your outdoor leak

Strange sounds when operating your water utilities.  We use things like our sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets every day.  It is easy to take these items for granted as they function properly day in and day out.  That being said we recommend that once a week you inspect your toilet, sink, shower and other items.  Listen for any strange gurgling sounds as you flush the toilet or as water is going down the drain.

Look for and sniff out clogs.  Clogs are a complicated issue and it can be hard to determine what is causing your drains to not function properly.  If you smell a foul or funny odor coming from your drain you probably have a clog.  In some cases, your drains could back up and instead of the water going down, your sink or shower is filled with dirty, muddy, sludge.  This could be a sign of an issue larger than a clog and could show that a damaged or a broken pipe is leaking.


Pay attention to collecting water or a larger water bill.  If you look for the signs, leaks will usually show themselves in various ways.  One way you can see the signs of a leak is a spike in your water utility bill for no reason.  Another item to look for is a drop in water pressure.  This is especially true if you are noticing a drop in pressure from several pipes, faucets or showerheads.  Last but not least it is an important home or business maintenance step to inspect your basement as water tends to collect in the lowest points.  If you notice water collecting on the floors of your basement it is time to call a Salt Lake City leak detection company to pinpoint the source of the issue.

A low, sinking in your yard, sidewalk, concrete or asphalt.  Yes, we know that this is technically an outdoor sign of a leak, it is still important to note.  Whenever we see a sudden drop in ground level, it is often times a sign of leaking water or sewer pipe.  This can happen in your grass, a sidewalk leading up to your property, or even the concrete slab in which your home or business is built upon.

Water and sewer leaks should be considered an emergency

By keeping a sharp eye you can save yourself a lot of headache in the future.  Leaks of any size should be addressed right away because these issues will get worse over time.  If you believe you have a leak anywhere in your home, business, or industrial facility call Utah Leak Locate today.  We guarantee we will be able to locate the leak or you pay nothing.

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