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The real costs of hidden water, sewer, air and gas leaks

Leaks of any kind can be a tricky thing for home and business owners.  Part of the issue with leaks is that they can happen in many locations and for different reasons.  There are basically two categories of leaks.  The ones that are visible to the naked eye, and the ones that are not visible either underground or behind a wall.  Regardless of the size of a water, sewer, air or gas leak one thing is certain.  Leaks can cause huge amounts of damage, and if gone undetected can have a large impact on your budget and utility bills.

As a responsible home and business owner, we want you to understand the impact a leak can have.  Remember if you see any of these warnings signs or symptoms you need to call a leak location company in Utah.  This list applies to any home, business, municipal building, industrial facility or corporate campus.


Water or sewer mainline breaks are sometimes hard to diagnose. If a large pipe underground that transports water or sewage breaks it is a serious issue.  Some things you can notice would be an increase in your water bill, despite their not being an increase in water usage.  You can also hear a rumbling noise in or around the pipes.  Finally, there can be a change in your property such as water collecting or even a dip in your grass or concrete.

A broken pipe can cost your company over $1200 a day. Your water use will vary depending on the size of your company or industrial facility.  Our contractors have located and repaired hundreds of underground leaks that have occurred in large water main pipes.  Addressing these issues as quickly as possible not only save you money on your utility bill, it can help prevent large damage to your property and equipment.

Leaking water utilities can waste a large amount of water. Did you know that a running toilet can waste a whole gallon of water in less than 30 seconds?  If you were to calculate the numbers, an undiagnosed leaking toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water each month.  This is important not only for your utility bill but for water conservation in Utah as we reach our dry, hot summer months.

Hopefully, this quick article helps you understand that any leak should be considered an emergency situation.  These types of problems tend to get worse over time.  If you have a water, sewer air or gas leak please take it seriously and call a professional leak detection and repair company today.

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