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Different leaks that can happen in your home or business

As we say at Utah Leak Locate, “every leak should be considered an emergency.”  This is true whether we are talking about a water, sewer, air, or gas leak in your home or business.  As part of maintaining your property, we recommend a quick inspection on a monthly basis.  We cannot tell you how many times our customers have not visited their basement for 3 months just to find that their basement has flooded.  This is upsetting to us because the permanent damage could have been avoided if the water leak was found earlier.

Places where leaks can commonly occur.

Water Leaks:  Basically any pipe in your home or business is going to be susceptible to leaks at one point or another.  It is easy to determine if a leak is occurring when pipes are visible.  The real concern is when pipes are behind walls, under the floor or even outside under concrete or asphalt.  Indoor water leak warnings include seeing discoloration on the walls, ceiling or floor.  You can also sometimes be able to smell rot or mildew if a leak has occurred.  Outdoor leaks can include anything from a drop in your grass to water seeping and collecting on concrete even though it hasn’t rained and the sprinklers have not been running.  If you have seen any sign of a leak call a professional leak location company today.

Gas Leaks:  As a home or business owner you should be aware of the appliances that are gas powered.  Typically you can see that your water heater, stove, boilers and various cookers.  Gas leaks occur for similar reasons that any leak occurs.  Common examples include poor fittings on the pipes and lines that supply gas to the utility.  It is important that you inspect your gas-powered appliances, and during their installation, you only have a licensed repair professional perform the installation.  Gas leaks should be considered an emergency situation.  Not only can breathing in the fumes be harmful to your family, employees or pets, you are running a huge risk of fire.  If you are experiencing a gas leak shut off the gas immediately, and call emergency gas line repair services.

Sewer Leaks: Whether you own or home or operate a business, no one ever wants to deal with a sewage leak as a result of a broken line.  Sewage leaks are usually the result of a damaged or broken sewer line.  Warnings signs can include your toilets frequently getting blocked or backed up.  In some situations, you can also see foundation cracks on floors or concrete slabs that are the foundation of your home or business.  It is important to call a sewer leak detection company so that they can pinpoint the source of the leak.  This will allow you to understand the severity of the damage as well as keep repair costs as low as possible.


Local leak location company.

Utah Leak Locate is the only company founded in Utah of its kind.  Our leak detection specialists have been able to save countless customers for large repair bills, and save their property from extreme damage.  Recently we were able to save a historical site in Salt Lake City from permanent damage.   We have expanded our service area to continue helping those dealing with leaks of any kind.

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