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Finding leaks in your hydronic snowmelt heating system

What causes a snowmelt system to leak?

Hydronic snowmelt systems are a convenient and non-corrosive way to keep your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk free of ice and snow. For those who may not know, a hydronic snowmelt system is a series of closed-loop tubing that goes under concrete slabs around your home or business. Just like any water utility, leaks can happen especially as years of wear and use begin to pile up. When locating a leak in your snowmelt system, you want to pinpoint the underground leak below the concrete slabs.

How underground water leaks are detected.

Whether we are talking about a residential application, industrial, commercial or in a municipality, the process is similar. Experienced technicians will use high-end leak location equipment to find the source of the leak. The difference really comes down to working with a company that has invested the proper resources to use top of the line detection equipment. Examples can include acoustic equipment that is fine-tuned to literally hear the small hissing noise a water leak will produce. Other times our technicians will use tracer technology that uses special gases to target and isolate the damaged pipe.


Concerns with repairing damaged snowmelt lines.

The main concern with repairing any water leak is to stop the water from flowing as soon as possible. Constantly flowing water poses cost concerns with wasted water. More importantly, these leaks can lead to foundational or structural damage to your home or business. Another large concern is being able to fix the problem with as little cost and excavation as possible. This is where working with the best leak location companies really pays off. Rather than tearing up a large area of concrete, professionals will be able to reduce the amount of construction because they know right where the leak is. Think of it as looking for a needle in a haystack with a metal detector.

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