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Avoiding plumbing and water leaks during winter

Utah is a hard state to live in when it comes to indoor plumbing. Winter is an especially difficult time of year due to our large temperature fluctuations. In a matter of 48 hours outside temperatures can go from 60 degrees down to 10 degrees and back up again. This constant heating and cooling will cause your pipes and fittings to expand and contract, which can cause water leaks. Below are some of the more common areas that will leak during winter as well as what you can do to avoid these leaks when it gets cold outside.

Outdoor and exterior fixtures
If you have outdoor pipes that are not insulated it is highly recommended that you insulate these pipes before winter hits. You can wrap the pipes in electrical heating tape and take things even one step further by purchasing insulating foam from a hardware store and wrap the exposed pipe. You should also winterize your outdoor pipes and faucets by disconnecting your garden hose from the house and storing it in a warm place.

Water heater leaks
Keeping your water heater clear of sediment will help prevent rusting and leaks as time goes on. If you live in an area where there is a high amount of sediment in the water, it is important to clean and flush out your water heater. This is an important task for any home or business owner. We recommend that you take care of this task before freezing temperatures hit. We are happy to help with any water heater leaks and maintenance issues.

Sump pumps and basement leaks
It is always a fantastic idea to inspect the areas of your home that is not frequently visited for leaks. During the winter your basement is one of the areas most likely to experience water leaks from either seeping snowmelt water or burst pipes. Your sump pump and water collection pit are areas that we recommend you take extra care to thoroughly inspect. If standing water and debris is not properly cleared out then it can freeze and cause your sump pump to stop working.

Leak prevention is the key to surviving Utah’s winters

Prevention is always going to be the best method when it comes to avoiding leaks. Not only can these practices give you peace of mind, they will also help you save money by avoiding and preventing large problems occurring in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about how to detect and prevent water leaks please call our office at (801) 613-0969 to speak with a leak detection specialist.

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