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How to detect a water main or sewer leak

How to detect a water main or sewer leak.

As a home or business owner being able to see the warning signs of a leak in your water main or sewer main can save you from catastrophic damage. We wanted to write a quick article showing some simple ways that allow almost every homeowner to diagnose if they have a leak and determine if they need to call a professional detection company.

Detecting a water main leak.


Water meter – If you can locate the pressure dial on your water meter you can quickly diagnose if you have a leak. The dial should normally be moving if the water is being used in the house. But, if the dial is moving while there is no water being used, then you most likely have a leak somewhere in your piping.
Water main – Detecting a water main leak is more complicated. Make sure to shut the water main valve and drain the plumbing. You do this so that you can listen for a leak occurring, just like listening to a running faucet. Putting your ear on the furthest end of the plumbing is a low-tech way to listen for any leaks or unusual noises. Professional leak detection services will utilize complex devices that you could use for this task. If you think there might be a chance of a leak or if you’re unable to detect the leak yourself, it is best to call a trained professional who specializes in diagnosing leaks.

Detecting a sewer leak

Running toilet – If you have a running toilet you might have a sewer leak. An easy way to find out if your toilet is running is to shut off the water valve behind your toilet and then add some food coloring or fabric dye to the main tank of the toilet. Wait about 10-30 minutes and look at the toilet bowl. If there is colored water, you have a running toilet.
Leaking sewer drain – Although a sewer drain leak is commonly mistaken for a water main leak, finding a sewer drain could be easier with these steps. IN most cases, a sewer joint can usually be found near the outside of the foundation wall of the property. If you have a sewer leak, there may be water present on the basement floor. An accurate way to test for a sewer leak is to do another dye test. This is done by removing the cap from the sewer trap that should be on the side of the house. Then pouring some food coloring or fabric dye into the sewer trap. After you should run a sick for a few minutes or flush a toilet. After waiting an hour or so, if you have a leak there should be dyed water pooled on your basement floor or on your foundation wall.

Do not ignore signs of a leak.

Remember that the above-provided information is designed to simply help you as a home or business owner to decide if you need to call a leak detection and repair company. Leaks can cause massive amounts of damage especially if they go undiagnosed or happen during weather changes. If you know or suspect you have a leak contact Utah Leak Locate at (801) 613-0969

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